Goldenmoon Carpet was started rug –carpet production more than 3 decades. Over 30 years on and we’re proud that we’re still a corporate company doing what we know best — providing high-quality floor coverings and great service at an affordable price.

Our head office is in Gaziantep, just a short flight from Istanbul. As well as these dedicated weaving rug- carpet(for residential- hotels etc.. flooring and also home textile product cushion and poufs for component of a flooring and well doormat production different alternatives.We becoming the many of our collection  biggest rug carpet supplier in our country to let customers buy carpets straight from our side.

View our rug-carpet store from our web page  to see where we have  the widest possible choice of quality floor coverings. Our super selection of cushion- poufs as well with  floor coverings is  the best product for  the our excellent customers.As a company, we are dedicated to providing an excellent service that our customers can rely on. From decision if the place an order to delivery and unloading in their selves warehouse  — we provide a full service always with keep in touch from start to arrival each step on time support.

We look forward to serving you.


Welcome to
Goldenmoon Carpet

Goldenmoon Carpet is a specialist manufacturer,  of rugs – carpets – doormats -cushion and poufs for floorings and well home textile components . As one of the biggest producer to the Turkey in  rug- carpet  industry, we supply  additional operations as  third-party logistics with our sister logistics company.



To be Leader in our
target markets

Last technological machine with well developed team working with internationally whole seller companies, we specialize in B2B and B2C totally.

Additional  our B2B operation including specialized customer packaging and point of sale documentation, we are established and highly successful in our target  markets, with an new-centered mindset to explore new flow streams and services.

Management Categories

  • Modern management techniques
  • Regular product reviews
  • Expertise knowledge
  • Tailor-made product ranges
  • Fashinablecreation
  • Sales analysis way
  • Market data & competitive analysis control
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Point of sale at target countries

Creativity & Leadership

Showing performance  working with passion make it out the creativity are  everything we want we are modernist , leader , proactive and energetic.To optimize sales and achieve the best performance, as Goldenmoon Carpet  provide full category management. This is bespoke to each client’s needs.

Costomer Satisfaction

Our focus is on enhancing our value to a customer by demonstrating excellence in all we do. We delivering outstanding levels of customer service and listen to what our business partners want.

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